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Operational Projects

Warrikal’s Operational Projects Teams provides a specific range of services tailored to the unique needs of mining operations we specialise in executing these projects within our client Operating facilities. Our services include Construction, SMP, Fabrication, and Specialised mechanical works, aimed at supporting safe, efficient, and productive mining activities.

Construction Services:

  • Structural Construction:  Designing, fabricating, and installing structural steelwork and concrete elements for mining processing facilities and infrastructure.
  • NPI Infrastructure Construction: Building and upgrading essential mining infrastructure, including roads, bridges, foundations, and utilities, to support efficient mine operations.
  • Facilities Construction: Constructing administrative buildings, workshops, warehouses, and other facilities to accommodate mining personnel and equipment.

SMP (Structural, Mechanical, Piping) Works:

  • Structural Works: Designing, fabricating, and installing structural steelwork for mine sites, operational processing plant, conveyors, chute/bins and other infrastructure projects.
  • Structural Remediation: tructural assessment and engineering reporting, repair planning, implementation of repair solutions, Including Beam and Column reinforcement, structural component replacement and Blast and paint services and ongoing maintenance. These services are crucial for maintaining the safety, efficiency, and longevity of mining operations, mitigating risks associated with structural failures, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Mechanical Works: Upgrades, Installation and maintenance of fixed plant mechanical equipment, including:
    • Apron feeders re-builds and insitu Chain Pan and Drive replacements
    • Belt feeders, full replacement and upgrade’s, Wear package replacement and drive replacement
    • Balance machinery maintenance Including Drive Bogie, Bucket Wheels/Drives and Slew Bearing replacements
    • Crushers, – Jaw crusher refurbishment and replacement
      Mills and Scrubber’s – Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Pump refurbishment and circuit improvement projects
    • Drive units/gear boxes, Replacement including full system alignment and changeout development
    • Car dumpers MAintenace upgrades and Rolling stock replacement
    • Screen replacement
    • Conveyors. Complete turnkey design and replacement
  • Piping Works: Fabricating and installing piping systems for plant air, process and fire water supply, drainage, and process applications, ensuring efficient execution within operating plant and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fabrication Services:

  • Structural Fabrication: Fabricating structural steel components, platforms, and supports for mine site infrastructure, including conveyor systems, ore processing plants, and storage facilities.
  • Mechanical Fabrication: Fabricating mechanical components and assemblies, such as chutes, hoppers, bins, and tanks, to support mining operations and material handling processes.
  • Piping Fabrication: Fabricating and installing process piping systems for Air, Process and Fire water, chemicals, and ore slurry throughout the mine site, adhering to strict safety and quality standards.
  • NDT Services, Including MPI, UT, thickness testing pressure testing, full MDR supply & Commissioning reporting.

ECI and Optimisation Services (Early Contractor Involvement):

Warrikal understands the significance of Early Contractor Involvement. ECI refers to a project delivery approach where this division can be engaged, early in the planning and design phases of any new or existing project, site and or process. This proactive engagement allows Warrikal to leverage the expertise and experience within our team to optimise and drive project outcomes to the highest standard.

The Benefits of ECI With Warrikal Include:
  • Early identification and resolution of construction challenges: By involving our team early in the project, we can deliver access to our teams invaluable insights and experiences. Warrikal can provide input on constructability issues, logistical constraints, and potential risks specific to the site, asset or objective. This early identification of challenges enables Warrikal to address them proactively, reducing potential disruptions during construction & execution.
  • Value engineering and cost optimisation: Warrikal understands that our expertise can contribute to value engineering efforts in multiple functions. We can work to suggest alternative methodologies or innovative industry techniques, that enhance project value while optimising cost and timings. By involving our team early on, we can capitalize on these cost-saving opportunities and ensure efficient budgeting and financial planning.
  • Streamlined project planning and scheduling: With our ECI input during the early stages – Warrikal can facilitate optimised approaches to; project planning, scheduling, and sequencing of execution activities. Our team can provide insights into the most effective construction/executable sequence, project phasing, and equipment/resource utilisation. This collaborative planning helps Warrikal to minimize potential delays, improve project efficiency and ensure timely mining operations – all whilst maintaining the highest and most efficient safety and execution standards in planning.
  • Enhanced collaboration and stakeholder engagement: ECI promotes a collaborative environment among Warrikal, contractors, designers, and other project stakeholders. Through open communication, information sharing, and joint decision-making, the ECI process fosters improved collaboration and coordination. This ensures that all parties are aligned, reducing conflicts and promoting successful project outcomes.

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