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Warrikal anticipates that companies and individuals collaborating with us embrace our values: Agility, Positivity, Diversity, Safety, Accountability and Teamwork.

Suppliers may be required to undergo our pre-screening process, which involves companies and individuals providing evidence that meet or exceed the minimum standards in health, safety, environmental compliance, human rights, quality management, financial capacity, as well as ethical and anti-corruption practices. As necessary, we stand ready to collaborate with prospective suppliers to facilitate their attainment of these requisite standards.


Following the successful award of a contract, suppliers may additionally be mandated to provide supplementary details for our contractor management system, where relevant. This may encompass, but is not restricted to, health and safety protocols, insurance coverage, and qualifications of both the company and its personnel.


Health, Safety and The Environment

Keeping people safe is a core value in everything we do at Warrikal. Warrikal expects suppliers to demonstrate a strong commitment to the health and safety of their employees and contractors, including to our customers.


Supplier Code Of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct delineates the standards we expect from suppliers, as well as their subsidiaries and subcontractors, regarding crucial matters such as health and safety, compliance, human rights, environmental responsibility, and reporting. Suppliers failing to meet these standards may be subject to exclusion from our partnerships.


If you have questions regarding our Supplier Code of Conduct, or about our expectations of our suppliers and business partners, please contact us.


If you are a business that aligns with our values and would like to explore opportunities to supply goods or services, please fill in this form to submit an enquiry with our team.

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