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Meet David - Blending Earthworks with Guitar Strings.

Meet David – Blending Earthworks with Guitar Strings.

David can be found in the heartbeat of Projects. He is a highly skilled Projects Superintendent with a rich background in the Civil and Water Infrastructure domain.

David joined during the inception of the Civil and Water Infrastructure team and describes it as a rewarding experience.

“Establishing relationships on early projects was rewarding, and looking back, I’m impressed with our collective achievements. The team’s unwavering support creates a fantastic team environment,” said David.

David’s advice for someone joining the industry is, that opportunities manifest through diligent work and a commitment to one’s craft. He says that every journey is fraught with mistakes and that these are valuable learning experiences. Being in the industry is about embracing lessons and persistently moving forward.

When David’s home, his go-to spot is the back shed, where he cranks up the volume and jams out on his guitar, making sure the neighbours know he’s back.

We love having you onboard at #TeamWarrikal!

Meet Tokora: Graduate Apprentice

Meet Tokora: Graduate Apprentice

Today, we introduce you to Tokora, a remarkable apprentice who has recently completed his apprenticeship with #TeamWarrikal as a Mechanical Fitter.
Tokora’s journey has been filled with dedication, learning, and memorable moments that have paved the way for his promising career.
This week we caught up with Tokora to close out his apprenticeship and congratulate him in becoming our newest Mechanical Fitter. Tokora shared with us how much his trade has helped him prepare for the future.

Fast Paced Environment
Tokora told us about how when he first started out in the mining industry, he very quickly learned the importance of getting machinery back up and operating as quickly as possible. This fast-paced environment is something that keeps him extremely driven in his role.

Sharing Wisdom
Tokora’s advice to someone wanting to join the industry is to not be afraid to ask questions on the field or in the classroom. He said doing an apprenticeship can be challenging at times but that it’s important to invest in yourself and don’t give up.

Tokora’s unwavering determination and his willingness to seek knowledge were key drivers behind successfully completing his apprenticeship. His passion for learning and his commitment to mastering his craft were evident throughout his apprenticeship training.

A memorable moment:
“I would say a memorable moment was at TAFE when I no longer needed instructions to do a task. I could work it out myself and complete the task safely” he said.
His message to future apprentices is clear: enjoy the learning journey, trust your abilities, and don’t shy away from taking the initiative.

Balancing Work and Life
When Tokora’s not working, he enjoys a well-deserved break. “I tend to just relax and try to spend time with friends and family.” His dedication to his work life is balanced by his commitment to prioritising his personal life.

As Tokora graduates from his apprenticeship and steps into the mining industry as a skilled professional, his journey is to be commended. His passion, perseverance, and determination have set him on the path to a bright and successful future in the mining industry.
We are excited to continue to work with Tokora in the next stage of his career. Congratulations Tokora, and we are so pleased to have you as part of #Team Warrikal!

Meet Britt: Projects Team Superstar

Meet Britt!

Introducing our incredible staff member, Brittany, who plays a vital role as the Bid Proposal Coordinator on the Projects Team, here at Warrikal!

Coming from a background in the remote Northern Territory working in administration and tendering. Brittany then seamlessly transitioned into the mining industry, with the support of her incredible team. Their dedication and enthusiasm have allowed Brittany to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and its intricacies.

But that’s not all! Brittany has discovered a newfound passion for adventuring in the stunning outback of Australia, with her favourite hideaway being hidden in a mesmerising waterfall.

Brittany has a special message for all aspiring mining industry professionals: “If you’re considering a move into the mining industry, DO IT! The opportunities for growth, learning, and evolving your skill set are endless. Warrikal has provided me with the chance to expand my knowledge across the entire Projects division. Our team has been nothing short of amazing in their delivery and their ability to help me further develop my skills. So go ahead, MAKE THE CHANGE!”

We love having you onboard the Projects Team here at #TeamWarrikal!