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Indigenous Engagement

We seek to promote and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. We believe in strength through diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive workforce by the way we recruit, develop and recognise our people.


Empowering Indigenous communities

As an Indigenous owned and operated business, we’re dedicated to crafting meaningful opportunities that not only enhance the workforce engagement of Indigenous individuals but also paves the way for an inclusive and successful future.

We do this by:

  • Cultivate and strengthen alliances with organisations that aim to develop and implement programs that improve employment opportunities.
  • Build and foster positive working relationships with relevant stakeholders to improve Indigenous employment engagement and increase Indigenous participation in the marketplace.
  • Offer career development pathways for Indigenous people to achieve their full potential.
  • Develop attractive, innovative employment programs, diversity and actively seek to recruit to Indigenous people.
  • Deliver cultural diversity orientation programs and inductions.
  • Provide and encourage workplace equality within an environment that is culturally respectful and inclusive.
  • Be an employer of choice for Indigenous people and Traditional Owners within Western Australia

Warrikal is committed to achieving a sustainable economic and social development for Indigenous people through a range of career pathway opportunities.

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