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Staff Spotlight- David

Meet David - Blending Earthworks with Guitar Strings 🎸

David can be found in the heartbeat of Projects. He is a highly skilled Projects Superintendent with a rich background in the Civil and Water Infrastructure domain.


David joined during the inception of the Civil and Water Infrastructure team and describes it as a rewarding experience.

“Establishing relationships on early projects was rewarding, and looking back, I’m impressed with our collective achievements. The team’s unwavering support creates a fantastic team environment,” said David.

David’s advice for someone joining the industry is, that opportunities manifest through diligent work and a commitment to one’s craft. He says that every journey is fraught with mistakes and that these are valuable learning experiences. Being in the industry is about embracing lessons and persistently moving forward.

When David’s home, his go-to spot is the back shed, where he cranks up the volume and jams out on his guitar, making sure the neighbours know he’s back.
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